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Our Athletes

We met and got together with an international network of creatives and competitive and non competitive professional athletes from the action sports world and started producing an initial range of luxury fashion eyewear which include hand crafted sunglasses and printed apparel to really begin the production process and allow RAD.INC eyewear to enter the mainstream market.

Brett Turcotte

The 2008 SnoCross silver medalist and one-time rider for Blair Morgan, has left racing behind and will make his Freestyle debut at XG 2016. His competitors, however, say Turcotte is no rookie. In 2015 he competed in X Games Speed & Style and judge Drake McElroy called him a dark horse to win. In his Quarterfinal with Joe Parsons he was making good on that prediction until his sled broke down. Turcotte has a strong background in backcountry free riding and a massive freestyle compound on the 100 acres at his home in Kamloops, British Columbia.

He spent his summer riding in the 2015 Monster Energy Center of Gravity festival.

Sponsors: Monster energy, RAD.INC eyewear

  • 2016 is his 7th XG appearance, first competition start in Snowmobile Freestyle
  • 2015: 7th in Speed & Style. Alternate in Long Jump, SnoCross
  • SnoCross silver in 2008 at age 19.
  • 2006: 2nd overall Semi
  • Pro Stock standings on national snocross series.

Dale Lovelock (Lovey)

A freesurfer with competitive blood running through his body. Finished 2015 by being crowned the WSL Australasian WQS series champion which is one of many career highlights for the 29 year old from the sunshine coast.

Sponsors: Rad Inc. Super Brand. Suburban surf. Farking. Futures. Adelio. Hakstar

Goals: The ultimate goal is to qualify for the World Tour but he doesn’t want to be known just for competitive surfing, Dale lives for every moment surfing brings and loves to travel in search of perfect waves.

  • WSL Australasian series WQS Champion 2015.
  • 1st place BK Byron surf classic 41st annual.
  • 1st place WSL QS1000 Hakstar Matara Pro.
  • 1st place QLD State titles.

Luke Wheeler

I grew up watching motocross on TV and fell in love with the sport at a young age. Watching riders like Jeremy McGrath and Travis Pastrana gave me the lifelong dream to make a career riding my dirt bike.

At age 13, I started racing motocross, but it wasn’t until the age of 16 that I got serious about it. After racing that year, I found myself not loving the race scene, but took an interest into FMX. Being in Northern BC, it was hard to get into FMX due to the fact that not very many riders shared my interest.

For past couple of years, I’ve been able to ride and learn from some of the FMX greats like Jeff Fehr and Kyle Demelo. Last year, I did my first FMX demo with Jeff Fehr at the Vanderhoof airshow.

Sponsors: Truenorthern industries, RAD.INC eyewear, fxrmoto, Cyclenorth, Flossybumz

This year, I’ve been working on learning more tricks with my goal of being able to ride more demos and moto shows in 2016.

I’ve been putting in a lot of work on and off the bike and see no reason for me not to complete my goals. I am a firm believer that if you feel good, you’ll look good, so you’ll ride good!

Quin Hill

From Vanderhoof BC Canada, my home mountains I would say though are Hudsons bay mountain in Smithers or Murray ridge in Ft. St. James.

Sponsors: I freeski for rad inc eyewear and ruckus skis boards & bikes in Prince George.

Goals for this season:
Not get hurt haha. Um I’d say my goals for the year are just to try and work on having a smooth unique style and hopefully learn some new tricks throughout the year.

Favourite rider to watch: Rory Bushfield, Eric Pollard and of course my two older brothers Jess & Chad can shred pretty hard as well which is always fun to ride with them and push each other.

The Action sports adventure lifestyle requires not only functional products but we noticed a luxury design and style element was missing from this market category. There are and have been brands in this category but they haven’t really had a direct focus on ‘High Quality’ in their products.

We are providing high end fashion eyewear thats designed and manufactured with the highest quality materials using a handmade and engineered process to give you the best Sunglasses with the best lenses for the less impact on the environment. Giving you the latest fashion designs for a refined and sophisticated look for fashion and action sports enthusiasts.

Sunglasses are everywhere and finding a pair is easy, but finding quality and style is the hard part. We want to make that process easy.

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