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Australian Sunglass Brand RAD.INC
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About Us

We are the travel and lifestyle adventurers seeking the unseen through clear vision and artistic direction.

Change the way you see the world.

Our eyewear is designed and handcrafted by a European artisan with over a decade in the eyewear industry. Our shapes are majorly influenced by our name R.A.D (Raw Artistic Direction).

We will always be designing & making our eyewear with an artistic direction to where fashion, art, sport & music is heading.

Our eyewear is 100% handcrafted with the highest grade materials.

RAD.INC Earth Friendly Lenses ensure we do our part in caring for the planet without holding back on quality.

We’ve made sure that RAD.INC eyewear is optically correct for your eyes.

“RAD.INC eyewear’s vision is to create a global brand of luxury fashion eyewear for action sports enthusiasts and every day Rad people in Australia and worldwide. “

Jacobe Marsh
C.E.O & Founder

We’ve worked tirelessly to design and handcraft the finest luxury fashion eyewear based around our love for action sports, fashion and art. We’re building a brand that harnesses a luxury & fashion image within the action sports category and the surrounding cultures ie – surfing, skateboarding, skiing, snowboarding etc, including a creative artistic sentiment where the main focus is to bring the most current designs to action sports and fashion eyewear, but without scrimping on our products quality.

Step away from the main stream & feel the love in our eyewear.

Welcome to RAD.INC eyewear.

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